Happy announcements:)

Hi friends!

I would like to keep this site more active. What would you guys like to see out of my blog posts? I think this is also a great way to communicate and keep conversations going in a safe space. So I have a few things to get off my chest: 

I would definitely like to teach or be informative of something while making it fun of course. Obviously my expertise is owning a Mexican restaurant. However, with that comes a lot of skills like managing, organizing, people retention, food trends, marketing, world trends, regional trends, budgeting, finances. 

My booths, tables and chairs are still for sale I am having an auction end of the year if I still have them. But if you want to look at them sooner, I can most definitely let you come take a look. If you see any restaurants or know of someone starting a little shop. I can hook them up, I'll give a good price! I just reupholstered a few booths and took them to Azteca Express. They went from vibrant red, to chic black .and look amazing. New vibes for sure at Express!  Got them done in Colona, IL. 

Speaking of Azteca Express, it got a make over. Have you seen her? If you haven't go check out amazing local art by Desmenn Spann. He blessed us with his beautiful artwork on our walls, you can't miss them! We got new floors, and new menu coming soon, in a few months. Great things take time and we are going to bring you nothing but top notch quality food. So be patient, please :') Meanwhile, enjoy the steady updates. Do you guys think we need delivery down there? let me know, I'm debating. How do you guys feel about delivery services? 

Also, I am excited to pursue a nonprofit soon for dogs in dire need of a good and safe shelter. So be out on the look out for that!!! This is just a start to the program. Meanwhile I want to shoutout, my friend Gabe and his Phinny Foundation. I will link the site below. Please donate if you could. This helps not only dogs in need of a safe place to live freely and be handled and trained by professionals only, but it really is to keep the tradition going, so we also want to help the next generation dog lovers and trainers. We want to pay to train students and anyone who would like to help make this a career of their own. We want this to be something that we are all doing selflessly, however we know this will take a village. We have the talent, you have the love for dogs. Please consider these pups who were maybe in the wrong place at the wrong time. 



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