Tips to lower anxiety for entrepreneurs.

Since I have been in charge the day my father got deported in 2010 I have learned that success and running a business is no matters in luck. It's all strategy and at the end of the day everything is transactional. It's a universal law, cause and effect to be exact. But there is so much more to it and so much more metaphysical than we really give credit. 

Something that has helped me tremendously is be alone a lot of the time. This gives me time to meditate and reflect on every interaction I have had with others. Meditating is something very special and sacred to me. My style of meditating is being alone, comfortable, relaxing my muscles and joints. There are no rules in my style. I meditate anywhere and as frequent as I feel my body and anxiety call for it. In my car, at work, before bed, waking up, in the shower. It's a state of mind. And when you can keep your mind in a calming state, you have entered the realm of endless possibilities. And, that helps so much especially for people like me dealing with high levels of stress. When it always feels like everything is at stake, and so many people demanding your time and attention; that's your cue to be alone.

Also, when you're always in company you run the risk of being swayed into looking at everything through other's point of view. Some have a negative style pattern, so it should be take very serious who it is you pay attention to. Remember everything is transactional, and most times, they take your time, space, and energy. This also means staying away from media or anything that will give you a sense of mob mentality. Which brings me into another big no no for people wanting to bring their stress levels down. Or anyone wanting a good reputation. Stay out of politics. Simply give them an answer such as "I do not discriminate agains, sex, color, religion, social status. I cannot partake or have an opinion that will be discriminatory towards any human being" 

See, entrepreneurs are a bunch of soulful folks, people who know their place in the world and have a strong calling to change. That's the major difference, that is what separates us from the rest. Our calling is loud and we're human. We don't have it all the way, but we have seen glimpses of magic in our lives that fills our obsession like wildfire.  We are the literal personification of magicians and genies. We hold the ideas and inventions to a magical, better future. We know we have it in us that we can trust our hearts to lead us. That is what a gentle giant is. Someone so gentle to be lead by love, yet so strong like a giant to head on all obstacles. Someone that is the beam of light when all is dim. When there is no motivation, no more fight left, that gentle giant is still there. It is us. It is me. 


Another strategy is to keep searching. It's is not all about money. That should not be the end goal. If you're rich and your circle is broke, you're still broke. Realize you need to take care of your people, I'm talking about employees, managers, trusted people in your corner. You may have a strong calling to build an empire and to acquire wealth. Never put your soul on the back burner. No amount of money is worth putting it in front of family, peace, and your own personal power. It's a long road anyway, you may as well enjoy the journey! 

Search for the truth. Media is telling you one thing? Search for the truth. Always. 

Family wants to instill beliefs on you that don't align with your true being? Search for the truth. Your truth. This will bring your anxiety down and your peace level. 

Another big one that I will sign off with is that everyone you meet is a reflection of a part of you that you need to work on. Someone bringing you stress, getting you angry, putting you down, or if you find yourself having to make excuses for they way someone behaves towards you is a sign you need to resolve something within you as well. Without going to deep on one of my firsts posts, you are dealing with those kinds of people because you are also "those kinds" of people. Nothing bad if you recognize it and learn to grow. 


All in all, these 3 little strategies kind of overlap one another and I find these are solid strategies to keep you sane and maybe be a better entrepreneur. So keep setting goals and keep loving yourself. Thanks for reading :)

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