Life as we know it...

2020 has been a wild one. I am confident and excited for God's plans. I feel for every small business going through it right now. We have to be fearless to let the divine plan work out. Faith knows nothing of obstacles. God works in mysterious and magical ways. 


These are just a few mantras and sayings I like to tell myself. Call me crazy, but it really does help. Positive thinking and not losing faith ever is the key to mental health. I have read so many books from great people and they all speak a certain language. Watch an interview, or talk to someone very successful and I guarantee you won't walk out being inspired, influenced, and you're buying what she's selling.


2020 may be a year we will never forget and hopefully never relive. We as humanity and individually need to be more courageous and be the change we want to see in the world. Sometimes we are holding ourselves back. But maybe, just maybe if we acted a little nicer towards ourselves and each other, life would be a much more pleasant place?


Also! we have new QR codes for our menu and Facebook page! I will leave the code here! Check it out! you can order your food online through our website! 

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